The interdisciplinary Social Ecology of Vulnerable Media (SEVM) research project is dedicated to the study of media collections and collectives through the preservation, migration and remediation of the rich and diverse audio-visual production in Canada by Indigenous peoples, women, LGBTQ2 and local audio-visual artists in the Kingston region. Susan Lord, Dylan Robinson and Rosaleen Hill will study and create new archival processes and forms of access for the robust audio-visual histories of media makers whose cameras and microphones are used to contribute to community resilience, and as tools of critical reflection of colonial and patriarchal archives.

Project Partnerships

The Vulnerable Media Lab has partnered with artist collectives, film festivals, art galleries, public libraries, and various other organizations. Some of our partnerships have included:


The Vulnerable Media Lab was very pleased to host the first in a series of workshops/seminars on the theme of knowledge architecture and metadata:

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